The Air Victory Museum Composite Squadron offers cadets many opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities throughout the year. Regardless of a Cadet's age or interest, there is always plenty to do to help them grow!

Wings, Groups and Regions also play an important role in the Cadet Program by providing more intensive programs. Air Victory is part of New Jersey Wing, which is under Group 225 of the Northeast Region (NER). Our Squadron also performs community service (which can qualify for service hours required by many schools). If a cadet completes 60 hours of community service, he or she will receive a Service Ribbon from CAP.


Many cadets join CAP because they want to fly. One of the best activities is the orientation fight (O-Flight.) Every CAP cadet under age 18 is eligible for five flights in a powered aircraft (a single-engine Cessna), five flights in a glider aircraft, and an unlimited number of backseat flights when conditions allow. Flying is always free to cadets. Our Squadron pilot is 1st Lt John Raleigh. When the weather looks good, he is happy to schedule our cadets for their O-Flights, out of South Jersey Regional Airport. Before going up, however, the cadet must have completed the Aircraft Ground Handling course, must have a full uniform, a valid CAP ID, and the desire to fly.

O-Flight FAQs for Parents

Basic Encampment
Both new and experienced Air Victory Cadets look forward to Basic Encampment every summer. Although Basic Encampment is a requirement for future promotions and national cadet special activities, our cadets say it's a lot of fun and a great bonding experience. Many apply to return in subsequent years as staff members. Basic Encampment is a week-long encampment at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in the summer. They billet in the barracks, eat at the DFAC, and engage in classes and training with active duty military and CAP personnel.

CyberPatriot Program
CAP is participating in a timely technological initiative, CyberPatriot, the National Youth Cyber Education Program, sponsored by the Air Force Association, to educate the next generation of patriotic cyber defenders of our nation's security and infrastructure. The U.S. is dependent on cyber systems for industry, commerce, public safety, and national defense.

This highly competitive and technological event is training in creative and analytical problem solving, non-technical cyber principles, netiquette, cyber safety and hygiene, operating systems, network topologies and cabling, cyber and system vulnerabilities, network security, vulnerability remediation, and technical threats. Air Victory formed its first CyberPatriot Team in 2015. We anticipate forming future teams for the 2016 competition and beyond. Interested Cadets should talk to the Squadron Commander.

NJ Wing Conference 2016, Aerospace Competition 

The challenge was: "How will advances in artificial intelligence impact aviation or aerospace development 20 years from now"?  Air Victory's team created a prototype of a reusable, unmanned modular aircraft utilizing multi-purpose programmable artificial intelligence for first-strike combat missions requiring stealth, speed, and precise destruction of enemy assets and combatants.

Color Guard
Air Victory's color guard, which was CAP's New Jersey Color Guard for 2014, performs at many community functions: parades, opening ceremonies, sports events, and at the squadron for special promotions, installation of new commanders and officers, and awards. 

Washington's Crossing Event 
Air Victory and Gloucester County Composite Squadrons attended the 2015 Reenactment of Washington Crossing the Delaware to fight the Hessians in Trenton. Here the cadets joined forces with a reenactor who commanded them to load the cannon, fire the cannon (simulated), and report to him, one-by-one. The cadets learned a lot about colonial times and the battle. 

USAF Air Show at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst -- NJ Wing has participated in the last few air shows with static displays of various CAP planes (which people can sit in), providing many flight simulators to play on, displaying CAP Jet 1 for photo ops, and providing members to sell air show programs.  [put the photo of the thunderbirds here

Emilio Carranza Memorial Service
Every year, since 1928, Mount Holly Post 11 of The American Legion has held a memorial service at the monument to honor Capt Emilio Carranza (Mexico's Lindbergh), whose plane crashed during a thunderstorm near Tabernacle, NJ, while flying a goodwill mission from New York City to Mexico City in 1928. Post 11 found the wreckage, wrapped the casket with an American flag and accompanied his body back by train to Mexico City. After the tragedy, the members of Post 11 promised to honor his memory and mission of good will and peace; they have kept that promise alive every year.

Region and National

Cadet Honor Academy
The Cadet Honor Academy prepares cadets to serve on color guards and honor guards while simultaneously furthering their individual character development. Cadet Honor Academies are hosted by Regions and may be conducted as a "weekend" activity.

Region Cadet Leadership School
The Region Cadet Leadership School (RCLS) is a course in officership, indirect leadership, and other themes consistent with CAP’s leadership expectations for Phase III cadets. These academies make use of local resources to broaden leadership skills in cadet officers and NCOs To participate, cadets must have completed an encampment and hold the grade of C/MSgt or above.