New Members

Help! I Have Questions!

No problem!  The CAP Cadet Program can be confusing and overwhelming when you first begin.  When you join Air Victory, you will be assigned to a Great Start Mentor. This specially trained Cadet has been in your shoes and will help you get started. 

Meanwhile here are some frequently asked questions from CAP's National Website.


1.  How do I earn my first promotion?
Visit Stripes to Diamonds.  It'll tell you exactly what you need to do to become a Cadet Airman. Keep track of your progress through the Cadet Program using the Personal Cadet Tracker.  And if your New Cadet Kit hasn't arrived yet, you can download Chapter 1 of the leadership textbook.

2.  Where's my membership card?
You should receive your CAP ID card in the mail within 30 days of joining. If yours hasn't arrived, contact Membership Services

3.  What is my CAPID?
Your CAPID is a 6-digit identification number. It's found on your membership card and in eServices. You will use your CAPID for everything you do in the Civil Air Patrol, so memorize it immediately. 

4.  What is eServices
eServices is your online membership system. Be sure to visit eServices , create your free account, and verify that we have your correct contact information.  Maj Dan Routier created the The Guide to Starting eServices to help new cadets navigate through the program.

5.  How do I get my uniform?
Please visit our Cadet Uniform Program page for details.

6.  How am I supposed to wear my uniform?
Download the quick reference uniform guidance (it's also in your New Cadet Kit). For tips and tricks, visit Cadet Stuff. And for full details, see CAPM39-1, "CAP Uniform Manual."

7.  How do I get insignia and patches for my uniform?
First, check with the Supply Officer at Air Victory; we might have the insignia in stock. If not,you can purchase what you need from CAP's vendor, Vanguard. Make sure you are buying only Civil Air Patrol items; otherwise you are out of uniform.  Here's a list of the insignias needed for the uniforms:

Air Force Blues Uniform BDU (Battle Dress) Uniform 
Flight cap device - CAP0748A"Civil Air Patrol" cloth tape  - CAP0599K
3-Line nameplate (last name) - CAP0599MCloth nametape (last name) - CAP0599HA

8.  How do I get my books?
About 30 days after joining, you should receive a New Cadet Kit in the mail. If you haven't received yours after one month, please contact us.

9.  What are some general hints that will help me get the most out of CAP?
Check out our Top Ten wallet card  which is included in your New Cadet Kit.

10.  Where do I go if I have more questions?
Talk with Air Victory's Squadron Commander or Cadet Commander. Their job is to help you succeed in CAP. You also might want to check out the CAP Knowledgebase and the articles and forums at Cadet Stuff. Moms and dads should visit our Parents' Page.